Historical investment of 8 million dollars from La Florida in Acapulco: Results of the Twinning of Cities Mexico – EDA


Mexico.- Today, July 21, at the Port of Acapulco Guerrero, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard witnessed the historic investment event for the Port. The letter of intent was signed between the Municipal President Abelina López, Municipal President of Acapulco Guerrero and the CEO David Moth of the Red Meters company. The Chancellor, committed to the environment, said that a great step had been taken to solve this great pollution problem that affects the Port.

The Foreign Minister mentioned that the port of Acapulco is one of the best known beaches, a tourist reference in Mexico and a tourist destination worldwide. For this reason, it must be guaranteed that it has clean and pollution-free water. He reported that he instructed the Mexican Consul in Orlando Juan Sabines Guerrero to manage resources for this sustainable project. He stressed that this investment will serve to rescue the river La Sabana and La Laguna de Tres Palos from contamination, in their surroundings there are 79 neighborhoods with more than 200 thousand inhabitants who suffer from the terrible deterioration of wastewater.

The management is historical for Mexican diplomacy, the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando directed the investment to the care of the Environment in Acapulco. As a result of these efforts and thanks to the will of the Red Meters company and its CEO David Moth, it was possible to direct resources destined to other works; improvement of the wastewater sanitation system in Acapulco, rehabilitation of the Renacimiento water treatment plant and collection channels of the Zapata – Renacimiento polygon, rehabilitation of the Renacimiento WWTP and construction of sanitary collectors: 20.05 km.

In this way, with the construction of marginal collection networks, sewage will be captured and discharged along the canals and will be taken to the Wastewater Plant located in Ciudad Renacimiento, where it will be treated and subsequently discharged, reducing risks of contamination and health.

The company Red Meters, as indicated in the Letter of Intent, will manage resources for the work in Acapulco before the Government of the United States and its agencies such as USTDA, with the purpose of completing it in its entirety once the executive project of CAPAMA has been received. and approved by CONAGUA.

The Consulate of Mexico in Orlando will accompany the company Red Meters in the management of the total resources before the authorities and companies of the United States for the execution of the work announced in Acapulco.

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