Herd of elephants gets ‘drunk’ in India

At least 24 deeply sleeping elephants were found in the odisha forest near the Bay of Bengal.

However, what seemed to be a calm and resting scene of these huge mammals, turned out to be an epic scene when the inhabitants of the village near the place discovered that in fact the elephants were drunk.

The villagers went into the forest to prepare mahua, a liquor that is prepared in rural regions of the country from the Mahua tree. However, strict regulations and colonial identification have kept the conventional drink outside of the mass alcohol market.

Approaching the herd, they realized that the elephants had eaten the fermented that they had prepared.

“We went to the jungle around 6 am to prepare mahua and found that all the pots were broken and the fermented water was missing. We also found that the elephants were sleeping. They consumed the fermented water and they got drunk”, Naria Sethi, a villager, told PTI.

“That liquor was not processed. We tried to wake up the animals but we failed“, he added and detailed that the forestry department was informed.

The forestry department staff, after arriving at the site in the jungle under the Patana forest ridge, had to play drums to wake up the herd.