Heidi's mom: a month of pain

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Francisco Garfias.

Cristina Araceli Pérez Rodríguez, 25, is the mother of Heidi, a five-year-old girl allegedly murdered by trigger-happy soldiers.

It happened on August 31 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Since then it has been a coming and going in search of justice. Mission Impossible. In times of the 4T, the Army is untouchable.

The president has not received it. He asked for a hearing through Human Rights, but nothing. “He did not want to hear my family's version, the true version. He has only listened to the Army”, she complains, in a chat with the reporter.

AMLO sent her with Alejandro Encinas. The Undersecretary for Human Rights received it last Wednesday. He promised her that he would inform the president of the family's version, and would bring him a new request for an audience made by the young mother.

Cristina Araceli wants to tell the president: “Put yourself in my shoes! Understand my pain! I'm not asking you to take my side, just listen to both versions, level and do some research. Let him know that they (the military) were to blame. No doubt."

The mother's version goes: “The events occurred at 10:30 p.m. on the night of August 31. They were military. There was no persecution, no clashes between criminal groups, as they wanted us to believe. Only the murder of my girl.

“I was waiting for her that day. I work at IMSS. My daughter had a very bad stomach ache. We told Griselda, my dad's romantic partner who was taking care of her, to take her to get an X-ray of her.

“I had two days with pain. She hadn't been able to do the bathroom. The girl was not one to complain, but that day she did complain that her belly hurt a lot.

“I asked him to take it to me to check it out. That was when the events happened. I was waiting (for Heidi) to do a medical checkup and I received her in a different way.”

–Are you afraid that because they are military they are going to cover them up? -we asked.

- Yes…

At that moment, the lawyer, José Roberto Puente Martínez, intervened to specify that in the times that they (the military) handle –in the video they provided to the prosecution–, there is no shooting, not even flashes.

“You just see a closed vehicle that reverses and runs away. But no one shoots. We already have another video where, at the same time, two blocks away, military personnel are prowling the streets. They assure that they were just there”, he points out.

The video in the possession of the lawyers has not been authenticated by the experts. The lawyer asks that they be more agile.

“In the Nuevo Laredo delegation – he assures – there are no experts. They have to send it to an expert who verifies that it is authentic. It is in the City of San Luis or here in Mexico. They told us that in a month or so they would know if it is authentic.

Again with the hurt mother: “It has been a very long process, very tiring. But I am not going to stop until I find justice for my girl.”


We chatted with her after she offered a press conference in the Upper House. The senator of the Plural Group, Emilio Álvarez Icaza, presented it to us.

At the press conference, Heidi's mother revealed that the Mexican Army was very insistent that she negotiate, but did not give her the opportunity to convince her with compensation.

“I do not come to ask for money, I do not come to ask for luxuries. The only thing I come to ask for is justice and that those responsible be punished, ”he assured.

Álvarez Icaza said that the process has to be civil, in the case of damages to the civilian population, without demerit that there could be a military sanction.

“They have to be sanctioned by the FGR and brought before a civil judge. We hope that the FGR does not behave as a court-appointed attorney for the military, who already have a lot of power,” he concluded.


López Obrador is not just any patient. All these years he has refused to consider his state of health as incompatible with the position he holds.

Countless times he said "I'm 100", knowing that it was not. Knowingly or unknowingly, she betrayed the first commandment of the 4T: do not lie.

All these years writing about AMLO's state of health has been taken as heresy. At the beginning of the six-year term I did it. I drew the wrath of 4T. They called me a charlatan chayotero, and other niceties like that

what documents hacked to the Sedena, which Carlos Loret made known, were recognized as authentic by the president. They reveal that, at the beginning of January, he was about to suffer a heart attack. They had to send an air ambulance to Palenque, Chiapas, where he was. Days later they did a catheterization. They did not do it before because he gave him Covid, according to the morning version.

AMLO himself acknowledged that he is hypertensive, suffers from thyroid, has gout attacks. In short, he is a sick man.

It's not an exceptional case. The book “The sick who govern us”, by Pierre Acosse and Pierre Rentchnik, places François Mitterrand, Ronald Reagan, Ernesto Guevara, Mohammar Kadhafi, Imam Khomeini, Ferdinand Marcos, Golda Meir, and other figures of the 20th century on that list. .


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