He will be the starter in the World Cup: Tata Martino confirmed Memo Ochoa as his first goalkeeper for Qatar 2022

Despite the fact that this Wednesday, in Mexico's 4-0 win over Iraq, the starting goalkeeper was Alfredo TalaveraGerardo Martino, the coach of the national team, revealed that Memo Ochoa will be the goalkeeper he will use as the first option during the Qatar World Cup 2020.

After the match held at the Montilivi Stadium, in Girona, Spain, the penultimate before El Tri travels to the Asian continent for the great soccer tournament, the coach of the Aztec team openly explained that his first goalkeeper there will be Ochoa, not Talavera or Rodolfo Cotaalthough he acknowledged that the latter would have liked to give him minutes of play against Iraq, only that the conditions were not met.

"I would have liked to give Cota 45 minutes today, but he only had six changes and we left Talavera," confirmed the coach in an interview for TUDN.

Unfortunately for Cota, everything points to the fact that he will no longer have any activity with the National Team, since the coach plans that, both in the last friendly match and in Qatar 2022, whoever plays the 90 minutes will be the azulcrema goalkeeper.

The truth is that Memo will play against Sweden and will be the one to score in the World Cup, it is a fact“, he narrowed down.

Thus, Ochoa would be ensuring his fifth participation in a World Cup, after going to the appointments of Germany 2006, where he was the third goalkeeper and did not see any activity; South Africa 2010, where he was also a substitute; Brazil 2014, where he made his debut and attracted the spotlight, and Russia 2018, where he also had an outstanding performance.

Deserved tribute to Guillermo Ochoa for breaking record

Although he did not play today, this Wednesday Paco Memo received a well-deserved tribute because He entered the history books of Mexican soccer as the goalkeeper with the most performances, after having defended the tricolor goal in 130 games.

To commemorate his contribution to the team, the sports director of the Mexican National Team, Jaime Ordiales, gave Memo Ochoa an award for his career and his 130 games.

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