He was going to rob a house and got caught in the chimney

Police initially found no one when a possible 3 a.m. break-in was reported on a single-family home in Silver Spring, Maryland.

But when residents said they still heard noises and voices, the police returned and this time they found a man trapped in the chimney.

The man, who according to police did not live in the home, was taken to a nearby hospital with police escort after firefighters spent about 90 minutes releasing him on Saturday morning.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue spokesman Pete Piringer told The Washington Post that authorities believe the man climbed down the chimney and got stuck. When police returned to the home, they traced the noises to an area behind a wall above a fireplace, Piringer said.

Firefighters dismantled parts of the wall and chimney brick by brick, using ladders, lights, shovels and other rescue equipment, photos and videos released by the department show.

Information on the man’s identity was not immediately available.