Haitian health professionals on strike against kidnappings | News


The three-day strike supported by thousands of Haitian doctors, nurses and other health professionals against kidnappings and insecurity ended on Wednesday.


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The work stoppage was organized by the Haitian Medical Association (AMH) after the kidnapping on March 2 of two doctors in Port-au-Prince, the capital, by men in National Police uniforms. Both were kidnapped in their consultations and have not yet been released.

The mobilization caused the closure of hospitals, clinics and health centers attached to the AMH, both public and private. Only emergency care was provided.

In addition to rejecting the kidnappings and the climate of insecurity experienced in the country, the strikers demanded better salary and working conditions.

The Association of Pharmacists of Haiti (APH) and the Meeting of Democrats, Nationals and Progressives party (RDNP, for its acronym in French) supported the mobilization.

In a statement prior to the strike, the APH invited unions, professional associations, student associations and other organized groups of civil society to join, with the conviction that kidnappings and insecurity can be stopped with collective actions.

In addition, he insisted that the problem of insecurity is national and, therefore, “the approach towards a definitive solution must be inclusive and national.”

The recent strike occurred in the context, two weeks ago, of the strike by the support staff of the State University Hospital and the Justinien University Hospital. These employees demanded better working conditions and salary increases.

According to these journalistic reports, other university hospitals, such as the Hospital de la Paix in Delmas 33, threaten to continue the protests.

According to a report released last February by the United Nations Security Council, kidnappings in Haiti increased 180 percent in the last year, with 655 cases reported to the Police. It is estimated that the number of cases is higher, since many are not reported.

Behind the kidnappings is the actions of criminal gangs that seek income from collecting substantial ransoms. It is estimated that this and other acts of violence increased after the assassination, in July 2021, of President Jovenel MoĂŻse.

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