Government of Nicaragua takes CNN in Spanish off the air; medium accuses censorship


Today at 00:07 am ET, the Nicaraguan government blocked the CNN television signal. The act has been highly criticized and singled out as censorship.

CNN issued a statement about the air going out of its signal in Nicaragua:

“At CNN en Español we believe in the vital role that press freedom plays in a healthy democracy. Today the Government of Nicaragua removed our television signal, denying Nicaraguans news and information from our network, which they have trusted for more than 25 years.” CNN en Español will continue to fulfill its responsibility to the Nicaraguan public by offering our news links on, so they can access information not otherwise available.”

Despite the fact that CNN in Spanish has tried to obtain a communication from both the government and the cable operators that carry CNN’s signal, they have still not received a response.

CNN affirmed that it stands behind its network’s reports and reaffirmed its commitment to “truth and transparency.”

This is not the first hit by the ENicaraguan state against freedom of expression and of press in central America. The actual government of Daniel Ortega has closed at least 51 media outletsonly to 23 last August, most of owned by the Catholic Church.

In addition, he has confiscated different media equipment, including the pressthe oldest and most important newspaper in the country.

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