Government of Nicaragua announces the expulsion of the OAS from its territory | News

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada, announced this Sunday the expulsion of the Organization of American States (OAS) as a result of the interventionist actions of the organization in the country.


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“We communicate that Nicaragua is expelling the Organization of American States, the people and the Government have denounced and continue to denounce the shameful condition of one of the political instruments of intervention and domination of the United States Department of State, mistakenly called the OAS,” said the foreign minister. Moncada.

The foreign minister explained that according to the decision taken on November 19, 2021, where the departure from the OAS was announced, the country will not participate in any event promoted by that organization, “by confirming our irrevocable resignation, we also communicate that as of From this date we cease to be part of all the deceitful mechanisms of this monstrosity: Call it the Permanent Council, Committees, Meetings, Summits of the Americas”. he narrowed it down.

“We withdraw the credentials of our representatives, the comrades: Orlando Tardencilla, Iván Lara and Maicol Cambell, we will not have a presence in that diabolical instrument (…) Nor will this infamous body have offices in our country. Its headquarters have been closed. Nicaragua It’s not anyone’s colony,” said the Nicaraguan minister.

At the same time, the highest Nicaraguan diplomatic authority asserted that the OAS does not contribute to the unity of the region, nor does it respect the sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples, “we have ignored this instrument of colonial administration that does not represent the sovereign union of our America Caribbean and is a Yankee instrument to violate rights and independence, sponsoring interventions and invasions, legitimizing a coup d’état in various ways,” he added.

“We ratify our respect, affection and appreciation for Cuba and Venezuela, as well as for the peoples who wage their struggles and have accompanied us (…) We feel free from the repeated insolence of the employees of the Yankee State Department who represent servility, lackeyism, surrender, decadence of an institution reduced to servitude to the Yankee,” Moncada pointed out.