Government of Nicaragua announces that it assumes an increase in fuels | News


The Government of Nicaragua announced this Friday that it will again assume 100 percent of the increase in the price of fuel, so that the rates will remain without increase during the period from April 24 to 30.


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According to a statement issued by the Nicaraguan Institute of Energy and the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the presidency of the Central American nation constantly evaluates the impact of rising prices for the family economy and the main economic branches.

“The price of diesel should increase by 28.54 cordobas per gallon (0.5708 dollars), super gasoline by 9.61 cordobas per gallon (0.1922 dollars) and regular gasoline by 6.32 cordobas per gallon (0.128296 dollars), however, our government has decided to assume 100 percent of said increases,” the text said.

He also added that gas rates, used in Nicaraguan homes, should increase by 30.00 cordobas for each 25-pound cylinder (0.84 dollars), however, their prices will remain frozen for 10, 25 and 100 pounds (one pound is equivalent to to 460 grams).

For the second continuous week, the price rates for fuels will not experience any variation, mainly, the costs of liquefied gas, hydrocarbons, and diesel, of greater national demand.

“We will continue to permanently monitor the behavior of international prices and the rest of the variables that make up the price of fuel, the corresponding actions and measures will be taken, which will allow mitigating the impact of the increase in these prices on the economy of Nicaraguan families,” stressed the Sandinista government.

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