Government of Haiti defines priorities for its governance before the UN | News

Haiti’s Foreign Minister, Jean Victor Geneus, emphasized this Saturday at the United Nations General Assembly that his country is at a decisive crossroads in its history and his government is seeking transformative solutions to current challenges.


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During his speech at the 77th session of the General Assembly, the diplomat pointed out that the Caribbean nation is facing a multidimensional crisis, with peace and tranquility threatened by insecurity.

He stressed that the Government prioritizes restoring security and public order, as well as reaching a political agreement with the largest number of sectors for peaceful governance.

The creation of a social climate that allows presidential, legislative and local elections to be held in the shortest possible time is also prioritized, so that the people freely elect new authorities and these contribute to renewing the institutions.

Geneus stated that clashes between armed gangs have caused a large number of civilian victims and forced displacement.

He explained that the operational capacity and working conditions of the Police have been improved, with which it has been possible to reduce the cases of gang abuse in the metropolitan area and to arrest numerous suspects of kidnappings and murders.

On arms control, he thanked UN Security Council resolution 2645 to limit the entry into the country of weapons that could be used for criminal purposes, as well as the financial aid provided by various governments to contribute to security.

He also said that customs controls have been strengthened and this has allowed the seizure of more weapons, drugs and illicit money.

He noted that 4.9 million people have required humanitarian aid so far this year and thanked nations that donate funds for that purpose. He expanded that the Government has been able to assist some 250,000 Haitians who live in three regions of the country affected by the August 2021 earthquake.

He noted that improving public security will help attract investors and generate jobs, which will help overcome poverty and improve the socioeconomic conditions of the population.

He stressed that the current Executive promotes dialogue between all political sectors and that initiatives are under way to hold elections, restore democratic institutions and reach an agreement on constitutional reform.

On this issue, he requested international support so that the political agreement is credible and arouses the confidence of all sectors.

He also stated that justice must be done in the case of former President Jovenel Moïse, assassinated in July 2021, and thanked Colombian President Gustavo Petro for apologizing to Haiti before the General Assembly for the participation of Colombians in that assassination.