Government of Cuba demands the end of the US blockade against that nation | News

The Government of Cuba demanded the cessation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States (USA), which it described in a statement issued by its Foreign Ministry as a genocidal, illegitimate, amoral and extraterritorial policy, which this Thursday reaches its 60 years after being officially sanctioned by John F. Kennedy in his presidential proclamation 3447 of February 3, 1962.


No to the blockade of Cuba in the Caribbean Series

“The Revolutionary Government, on behalf of the people of Cuba, once again emphatically and energetically calls for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla published in his Twitter account.

According to the declaration, the blockade is “an essentially extraterritorial policy, in violation of International Law, which seeks, through pressure, blackmail and penalties, to isolate Cuba and punish those who establish any economic, commercial and financial link with the country.”

Similarly, the document ensures that with this strategy the White House intends to “restrict the legitimate right of Cubans to defend their sovereignty and forge an emancipatory project, alien to imperialist domination.”

On the other hand, it denounces its genocidal nature, since “it constitutes a massive, flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of all Cuban men and women. It qualifies as an act of genocide under the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”

It underlines that “since 2019, the economic coercion measures reach a qualitatively higher aggressiveness. Unconventional warfare measures are applied, inappropriate for times of peace, in an effort to deprive Cuba of fuel supplies.”

The statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry underlines that, in the context of Covid-19, the blockade reached “unsuspected limits of cruelty, by hindering solidarity donations, trying to hinder the development of Cuban vaccines and limiting the possibilities of accessing medicines and basic supplies.

The text recalls that the blockade will not fulfill its purposes as it will continue to crash against the will of the Cuban people’s struggle, and recalls that in the struggle to defeat it, the practically unanimous and universal rejection it provokes is vital.

In this sense, it highlights that in addition to “the overwhelming support for the resolution approved each year by the United Nations General Assembly, there are constant claims and actions of denunciation by people, organizations and institutions around the world, even within USA.”.

It is estimated that since its imposition to date, the damage caused by the US blockade measures against Cuba exceeds 144,413 million dollars at current prices, the statement specifies.