Give $1,000 bonus to school employees

Public school employees in a Maryland county received excellent news when they announced that this month they will receive a $1,000 “appreciation bonus.”

This is Anne Arundel County, where the beneficiaries will receive “prorated bonuses based on the full-time equivalency of a worker,” Superintendent Mark Bedell explained on Wednesday.

“No school system can be great without great people,” Bedell wrote in a letter to staff.

“As I said before, the work that you guys are doing in dealing with some tough challenges is incredible. Regardless of your role in our school system, our students benefit every day from your dedication and passion. Please never forget that,” he added.

The money for this bonus will come from money saved from existing seats throughout the school system, Bedell explained, so the school district did not need to ask for extra money to cover such bonuses.

The aforementioned bonuses will be granted in the coming days to all permanent employees, except those who have a leave of absence before December 16.

Bedell clarified in his message that he will not accept the bonus.

Health care premiums will not be deducted from workers’ pay on December 26, due to the school district’s health care fund balance.

“I realize the bonus is a small token of appreciation,” Bedell noted in his letter. “However, it is extremely important to me and the Board of Education that we continue to find ways to simply say ‘Thank you’ to all of you.”