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For. Jose C. Serrano

Jesus Martinez Renteria “Palillo” originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, stood out as an actor, businessman and comedian. He is famous for using political satire in his shows, beginning in the 1930s, which often caused him to be arrested and imprisoned by the authorities.

He was considered the “King” of the so-called tent theater. He was the forerunner of the comic denunciations of those times, through famous phrases such as: “Damn politicians, abusive, thieves, scourges, sucking octopuses, they should be ashamed to steal from the unhappy, what little mother they have, they were born in an incubator, outcasts”, that earned him the respect of many and the hatred of politicians. He was kept in jail no less than six times.

An ideal recipient of the phrase “Papillo” is German Larrea Mota Velasco, the second richest man in Mexico, who has accumulated a fortune of 26 billion dollars, and its business lines cover the mining sector, transport and infrastructure.

Larrea Mota Velasco is 79 years old; He is originally from Mexico City and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the Anahuac University. In 1978, he along with Jose Angel Gutierrez Contreras, founded the Grupo México consortium, considered one of the largest mining companies in Mexico and also the third largest copper producer in the world.

In the field of transportation, Mexico Group It has subsidiaries such as Ferromex, Ferrosur, Florida East, Coast, Intermodal México and Texas Pacífico, whose segments are responsible for transporting products of various kinds, such as agricultural materials, automobiles, cement, industrial products, metals and minerals, as well as chemicals and fertilizers. The company has a fleet of 816 locomotives and 26,319 rail cars.

At infrastructure sector The following stand out: México Compañía Constructora, GM Servicios de Ingeniería, Grupo México Energía, Grupo México Autopistas and Grupo México Combustibles.

Buenavista del Cobre operates in Cananea, Sonora. It is one of the many companies owned by Germán Larrea. On August 6, 2014, about 40,000 cubic meters of copper sulfate leachate (contaminating groundwater, surface water, and soil) fell into the Tinajas stream and the Bacanuchi and Sonora rivers, in the state that bears the same name.

The tragedy, which continues to be the worst disaster in the mining industry in Mexico, affected 22,878 inhabitants, mainly from the Cananea region. The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), through the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), identified the Buenavista del Cobre mining complex, belonging to Grupo México, as the person responsible for the environmental tragedy, which left seven municipalities without access to drinking water and led to the closure of 322 wells.

Today, Buenavista del Cobre not only continues to operate in Cananea, but according to the inhabitants, it is devouring the city little by little. In addition to contamination, which has been constant for years in Cananea and in other towns with deposits belonging to Grupo México. One more of the atrocities of this consortium was the spill of a thousand cubic meters of sulfuric acid into the Sea of ​​Cortez in Guaymas, Sonora, where it also has operations, its inhabitants live in an evident economic crisis and lack of employment, despite being at the side of the largest copper mine in Mexico.

Section 65 of the Mining Union, which has been on strike with Buenavista del Cobre for 15 years, because Grupo México wanted to omit the demands that the union had at that time for hygiene and safety inside the mine. The company changed its name from Mexicana de Cananea to Buenavista del Cobre to resume operations, leaving the workers unemployed and without liquidation.

Germán Larrea, without a doubt, is a sucking octopus.

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