Gazprom suspends gas supplies to Latvia | News


The Russian state-owned company Gazprom suspended gas supplies to Latvia on Saturday as part of its July offer.


Gazprom cuts gas supply by Nord Stream in half

As detailed by the company, the decision was made “due to non-compliance with the gas withdrawal conditions.”

Data from the Latvian gas transmission operator Conexus also confirms the suspension of gas supplies from Russia from July 30.

In the middle of this month, the Latvian Parliament approved several amendments to the energy law that provide, in particular, for a ban on imports of Russian gas from 2023.

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics has stated on more than one previous occasion that Latvia’s intention is “to live without Russian gas”.

Latvia has a large underground gas reservoir in the city of Incukalns, operated by Conexus Baltic Grid, a unified gas storage and distribution network for the three Baltic countries.

According to Gazprom reports, in 2020 it delivered 1622 million cubic meters of gas to Latvia, in 2019 – 1664 million cubic meters.

On April 27, Gazprom announced that it had completely suspended gas supplies to the Bulgarian company Bulgargaz and the Polish company PGNiG for failure to make timely payment in rubles.

On May 21, it was reported that the supply of Russian gas to the Finnish company Gasum was stopped for the same reason. Deliveries to Denmark’s Orsted, the Netherlands’ GasTerra and Shell Energy Europe were then halted.

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