Gallos Blancos de Querétaro move to Toluca to play the next day of Liga MX

Among the venues that were being tested so that Querétaro White Roosters played outside the La Corregidora Stadium, the accepted option was the Nemesis Tenhome of Tolucato face the next commitment of the MX League.

One of the sanctions against the team led by Hernan Cristante, was the one-year veto of the stadium due to the acts of violence that occurred in the commitment against Atlas FCon the other hand, in search of a stadium to continue their competition in Mexican soccer, Toluca was chosen above the cities of Lion and Moreliabeing approximately 195 kilometers from Querétaro, as reported by ESPN.

Toluca is 195km from the city of Querétaro, by car, being further away than León and Morelia. (Photo: Getty Images)

The match against the San Luis team will be played behind closed doors, as part of the sanction that weighs on the Gallos Blancos team, adding the basic forces and their women’s team.

On the other hand, as part of the prevention of acts of violence within the stadiums, Nemesio Diez will only have income from the board of directors of the teams involved when Gallos Blancos plays as a local.

The Nemesio Diez Stadium has a capacity for 30,000 people.

The next commitment for Querétaro will be vital to maintain their aspirations to stay in qualifying positions, after losing last day against Necaxa and they will face an Atlético de San Luis that comes from removing the undefeated Puebla F.C..

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