Francisca Lachapel from Despierta América will become an American citizen: She passed the exam

Francesca Lachapel.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

This Friday April 21 will be a great day for Francesca LachapelDid the wedding go ahead? Do not! heThe presenter of 'Despierta América' will become an American citizen, she has already passed the exam and tomorrow he will take the oath.

In addition to excited and happy for this A big step after living in the United States for more than 10 years, Francisca also added humor to the situationand today he shared with the public and his colleagues on the Univision morning show, what he did to his mother, Doña Divina, the day he returned home after taking the exam.

What did? He told his mother that he had failed the citizenship test!

In the video he shared on his Instagram account, Francisca is seen entering her house with a sad face and Doña Divina asks her: "Did he burn you?"... That's what they say in the Dominican Republic to someone who doesn't pass a test. To which the presenter of 'Despierta América' replied yes, and what followed was endless hugs and laments until his mother almost started crying and decided to end the joke.

"Lie! I passed, we are citizens mommy!”and between hugs, laughter, and some other tears, mother and daughter celebrated what gives way to what will happen from tomorrow, when Francisca becomes a Dominican-American citizen more than 10 years after arriving in this country loaded with dreams, many of them have already been fulfilled and others are on the way.

Let us remember that a few weeks ago we saw her very excited when her image came out in the middle of Times Square, in New York, and revived when she arrived in this country, and precisely in that city she was selling pots to earn a living.

Many images come to my head, because I arrived in that city 10 years ago, with many dreams, and now being on a screen, in a place as emblematic as that, you don't know how it fills my heart… I remember that Francisca who walked the streets of New York, who sold pots, who was lost, who did not know what was going to happen to her life, who had the dream of a better life for herself and her familyand Diosito listened to me for many times that I felt alone, "he said at that time.



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