France will apply fourth dose against Covid to people over 80 years old | News


The Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex, confirmed this Saturday that the application of the fourth dose against the Covid-19 pandemic will begin in people over 80 years of age, after verifying that this age group progressively loses immunity to the virus.


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“The fourth dose is for those over 80 years of age who received the reinforcement more than three months ago (…) it is necessary that they continue to use the mask because they tend to be fragile, due to their age or pathologies,” Castex explained. .

At the same time, the prime minister warned about the new mutation of Covid-19 called BA2, which is causing a gradual resurgence in the country, “it is more transmissible than the initial Omicron, but it does not seem more dangerous,” he warned.

“The improvement in hospitals and our high vaccination coverage lead us to maintain the lifting of the measures,” reported the French Prime Minister.

According to health authorities, the European country registers a total of 22,741,033 confirmed cases and 136,947 fatalities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, a total of 141,204,880 doses have been applied by the French Government and 52,393,326 nationals (representing 78.1 percent) have successfully completed their vaccination scheme against Covid-19.

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