France-Spain route runs out of trains due to strike

All the trains that circulate between France and Spain from this Friday until Monday are canceled by the Strike of conductors of the French railway company SNCF.

The protest has forced the cancellation of the 60% of French long-distance trains globally, including high speed (TAV).

On international lines, circulations with Spain are the ones that are most affected these four days by the strike in relative terms, confirmed the National Railway Society (SNCF), since it remains a third of the services with Italy and with Switzerlandand half with Germany.

In addition, the Thalys that connect Paris with Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne and the Eurostar between Paris and London, work normally.

In the interior of France, a third of the TGVs will circulate during these four days in the east of the country and in the southeast, a quarter in the Atlantic axishalf in the north and a quarter of those of the low-cost brand Ouigo.

Only half of the conventional long-distance trains will be in service and none of the night trains.

Photo: Reuters

The unions SUD-Rail, CFDT and FO support this protest in which there is above all wage claimsbut not the CGT, which is the first central of the SNCF.

In France there are almost 10,000 reviewersof which around 3,000 work on the TGV and other long-distance trains.

In the case of the connections between Spain and France (Paris-Barcelona, ​​Lyon-Barcelona and Marseille-Barcelona-Madrid), cancellations occur one week after the end of their joint operation by SNCF and Renfe.

The French railway company decided in February unilaterally break the agreement with Renfe Starting next week, only one of these three connections will operate solo, the one from Paris to Barcelona, ​​because it considers that it cannot make profit from the others.

As the French authorities have not yet provided the certificates that Renfe has requested to continue operating the Lyon-Barcelona and Marseille-Barcelona linesThey will disappear next week.