Four people die in the shipwreck of a Galician ship in Canada | News

Four people died this Tuesday, after the shipwreck of the Galician ship “Villa de Pitanxo” in the waters of Newfoundland, Canada, according to information provided by Salvamento Marítimo.


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Of the crew made up of 24 sailors (16 Spaniards, five Peruvians and three Ghanaians), 17 people are still missing.

The lifeless bodies were found in one of the life rafts, which were located near the sinking, about 450 kilometers east of Newfoundland.

According to information from the National Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, the ship “Villa de Pitanxo”, based in Marín (Pontevera), issued two alerts in the early hours of the morning, which could not be reciprocated by local authorities as the signal was lost. .

The sub-delegate of the Government in Pontevedra, Maica Larriba, announced that the survivors were in a hypothermic state as a result of the icy waters of Newfoundland.

Canadian helicopters and ships, as well as fishing boats, cooperate in the rescue efforts. In this sense, Maritime Rescue, an entity of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, has deployed a maritime and aerial device to organize the rescue of the missing fishermen.

For his part, the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, posted on his Twitter account that: “We are following with concern and concern the search and rescue tasks for the crew of the Galician ship sunk in the waters of Newfoundland.” At the same time, he confirmed the support of the Spanish government with the rescue services.

The search operation to locate the 17 missing crew members of the Galician fishing vessel Villa de Pitanxo continues in Newfoundland in an area with “wind, rough seas and reduced visibility”.