Foreign Ministers of Mexico and Spain strengthen bilateral relations | News

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The Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain, José Manuel Albares Bueno, held a meeting this Wednesday in order to strengthen bilateral relations.


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At the headquarters of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, both officials agreed on the need to quickly promote the creation of the Binational Commission; They exchanged on regional issues, including the importance of promoting the signing of the Modernized Global Agreement between Mexico and the European Union; in addition to analyzing the existing situation in Ukraine.

Ebrard avoided that his country's relationship with Spain is very important in many ways, pointing out that “we have close relationships of affection and appreciation for the Spanish people; to the great contribution that the presence of Spain in our country has meant for Mexico”. We have a promising future in our relations”.

To which he added that both nations signed instruments of mutual cooperation on issues on which they share points of view, such as "the multilateral order, democracy, the defense of a feminist foreign policy, and cooperation."

To which he added the existence of a “similar approach regarding how positive the approval of the Modernized Global Agreement with the European Union can be”.

For his part, Albares maintained that between the two countries there are relations of brotherhood and on the basis of respect and humanism; At the same time, he described Mexico as a strategic partner for Spain at a global level, since "it is, without a doubt, our main economic partner in Latin America, and it already occupies the place of the sixth largest investor in Spain".

To which he remarked that "Spain will not relent in its efforts to ensure that the European Union-Mexico Global Agreement, which is so beneficial for both parties, enters into force as soon as possible." Mexico is one of the most Eurocompatible countries on the planet; and its relationship with Europe, as is the case with our country, must be natural and fraternal. Spain will be supporting those efforts,” she said.

Both holders of the foreign portfolios signed four instruments, the first of which complements the Basic Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation for the Financing of Cooperation Programs and Projects.

To which is added one aimed at establishing the bilateral Permanent Political Subcommittee; another on collaboration in Feminist Foreign Policy; and the fourth to work together in the framework of the World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development "Mondiacult".

Spain stands as the second commercial partner of Mexico among countries of the European Union, only preceded by Germany; with bilateral trade that in 2020 amounted to almost 7,085 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the accumulated direct investment of Spain in Mexico amounted to 73,426 million dollars corresponding to more than 6,800 companies.

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