Foreign Minister of Venezuela reaffirms willingness to dialogue with the US | News


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Carlos Faría, confirmed this Friday that Caracas is willing to talk with the United States government to normalize bilateral relations.


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The foreign minister said in an exclusive interview for TeleSur that “President Nicolás Maduro constantly talks about dialogue, about his willingness to talk with whomever he needs to talk to in order to return and normalize the situation in our country.”

In this sense, he added that “that is maintained. Delegations from the US administration have arrived, the president has attended to them, he has given very specific answers to issues that have to do with energy supply”.

In turn, the Venezuelan diplomat stressed that this demonstrates “by way of facts that, effectively, President Nicolás Maduro is always willing to dialogue, peace and normalization of the situation around our country.”

On the other hand, regarding the reopening of the borders with Colombia, he reported that “this Monday the reopening of the borders is planned. A series of events will be taking place there to open that path that should never have been closed.”

Accordingly, Faría pointed out that “2,200 kilometers that we have close to our Colombian brothers are going to be returned to normal. Everything that is the issue of trade and the migration of our peoples will circulate again.”

Regarding the participation of Venezuela in the 77th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), he stated that there have been numerous contacts with representatives of various countries.

In this regard, he pointed out that “the instructions we have had from our president is that we hold as many meetings as possible in order to get the message of Venezuela across.” As of yesterday, 46 bilateral meetings have been held, a figure that could rise to 70.

At the same time, the foreign minister said that in the speech he will give this Saturday “the main thing is to denounce the situation that has afflicted our people for several years, which are unilateral coercive measures.”

Faría emphasized that “the issue of peace is a very important element in the current situation due to the conflict in Ukraine. We cannot allow that conflict to transcend the borders in which it is located at the moment.”

Similarly, he addressed the issue of economic growth in Venezuela, which this year is the largest in the region because “according to entities specialized in this matter, there are forecasts that growth will be 20 percent.”

The Venezuelan representative assured that “this has been possible thanks to the leadership of our president Nicolás Maduro, the creativity of our workers, the government team that accompanies the president.”

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