Flor Ivone Morales proposes typifying the crime of forest devastation in the Federal Penal Code

Mexico.- The deputy Flor Ivone Morales Miranda (Morena) signed an initiative that reforms the Federal Penal Code to typify the crime of forest devastation and thereby contribute to the mechanisms for preserving forests and trees in Mexican territory.

He indicated that it seeks to modify articles 418 and 419 and add 418 Bis to this legal system, in order to typify this conduct and increase the sanctions for those who commit logging crimes.

In a statement, he explained that his proposal establishes an increase in the sentence from three to five years in prison, and the fine from one thousand to three thousand days, for anyone who illegally cuts, uproots, knocks down or cuts down from one to 100 trees.

While whoever cuts, uproots, knocks down or fells more than 100 trees, he added, will be punished with a sentence of nine to 15 years in prison and three thousand to six thousand days fine, without prejudice to the corresponding penalties and accumulation of sanctions. for other crimes.

Morales Miranda argued that toughening the penalties against those who commit crimes of forest devastation is a way to channel efforts to protect the human right to a healthy environment.

“One of humanity’s worst mistakes is feeding the trend of destroying natural resources that future generations will need and might not enjoy,” he said.

He pointed out that Mexico faces a serious environmental problem, since it is estimated that at least 70 percent of the wood consumed in the country originates from illegal activities.

He said that there are 122 critical forest areas in the country due to different illegal activities that have been identified in 20 states, such as clandestine logging, laundering of wood, extraction of healthy wood, overexploitation of forest resources, non-compliance with management programs, change of use of land, arson forest fires and organized crime.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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