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This Wednesday marks the International Day of Peace and the ringing of the symbolic bell installed at the headquarters of the United Nations Organization (UN), in New York City, will be a call to awaken awareness and action all over the planet, immersed in armed conflicts and social problems that destabilize and denigrate humanity.


Colombia calls before the UN to stop wars and fight for the environment

The event was established in 1981 by the UN General Assembly and ratified in 2001 with the observation of 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire. But centuries of civilizing process have taught that true peace requires much more than laying down arms.

“End racism. Build peace”, is the motto that heads this year’s celebrations in an amalgam of concepts that transcend origin or skin color, and expand the culture of peace within societies, in search of a conscious attitude and accomplice of individuals to eradicate xenophobia and discrimination.

In the name of respect for all human beings and the rich diversity that distinguishes our peoples, here are five actions to build peace in these times.

Respect your neighbor

Paraphrasing a biblical idea, we propose to recognize in others the same dignity that you want for yourself and yours, and offer the same care and consideration that you deserve. Values ​​life. In our existence there are essential limits.

Respect the social pact or dedicate yourself to redoing it with collective and fair arguments. Necessary and reasonable order is never wrong. In an interpretation that can be extrapolated to the nations, it is essential to evoke Benito Juárez: Respect for the rights of others is peace.

Educate yourself, learn, investigate

Culture is emancipatory, like the truth. Read the great thinkers of all times and draw your own conclusions about wars and violence in the future of humanity, so that you break down the taboos and prejudices that we have dragged for centuries, imposed by intellectual heritage or by some powerful leaders of yesteryear .

To rectify is never to tarnish the work of our ancestors, it is to perfect it. Supervise the education of your children in universal and exalting values. New technologies help us get closer to knowledge and communication with residents of all geographies. Extract the truth from the people, from the peoples and not from hegemonic discourses, mediated by petty or irresponsible interests.

Appreciate diversity as wealth

We are all different, but we should enjoy the same rights as individuals and nations. Values ​​the attitude and example of life of people. Recognize and accept the right to gender equality, to choose sexual orientation and gender identity, to freedom of political and religious beliefs, even if you do not share them.

Being identical would be very boring and illogical. Respect the native peoples. Report any discrimination at your school, at your job. Science has dismantled all the myths of racial and ethnic superiority, or of the intellect of men over women.

Take care of the planet and its resources

The excessive exploitation of natural resources and irrational consumption have led to the depletion of our most precious reserves, extinguishing species of flora and fauna, accelerating climate change and causing armed conflicts.

Fight for sustainable development in the country, save water and food, use biofuels and recycled material. Do not contaminate because the present and the future are compromised.

Good will in conflict resolution

Wars debase the human species. Every year they cause thousands of deaths and suffering to the families of the victims, millions of displaced people, refugees and orphaned children.

Peace and understanding talks should be a trend before launching into a conflict. We need impartial guarantors of proven prestige. Expansionist imperialism has imposed its law.

We must enforce international consensus and agreements, in processes where the UN should play its legitimate role.

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