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The security of Finland and Sweden and the degree of their autonomy in relations with Russia will decrease with entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), writes the Chinese daily Global Times. while its entry into the military alliance has generated a diplomatic conflict with Turkey.


Russia calls the possible union of Finland and Sweden NATO a mistake

In an editorial, the newspaper stated that: “Entry into NATO will drag the two countries into a security dilemma.”

“They are looking for a more secure environment, but in the long run it will become more insecure. What’s more: Finland and Sweden, especially the former, will lose autonomy in their relations with Russia after joining NATO.”

The text in the Chinese newspaper occurs when both nations, which share a border with Russia, are heading for their early accession to the Atlantic Alliance.

Stockholm and Helsinki intend to apply for NATO membership on Wednesday 18 May.

In this context, in Helsinki, the Finnish Parliament approved the proposal to apply for NATO membership after a historic vote on Tuesday in which 188 deputies supported the project and only eight opposed.

After what was agreed in today’s plenary, the matter will go to the next government session, pending formal approval by the country’s president, Sauli Niinisto. Subsequently, the request will be sent to the headquarters of the military bloc in Brussels, local media report.

On the other hand, in Stockholm, Foreign Minister Ann Linde signed Sweden’s request to join NATO on Tuesday, one day after Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson confirmed the country’s willingness to join the Atlantic Alliance.

“This morning, Foreign Minister Ann Linde signed Sweden’s application to join NATO,” the Stockholm mission to NATO said in a brief message on its Twitter account.

In this regard, Russia will have to take compensatory measures after Sweden and Finland join the Atlantic Alliance, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Tuesday.

“When the period passes when we discuss this step in Moscow in terms of the general configuration of forces and means in Europe and in Northern Europe, in particular, we will have to take so-called compensatory measures. And no one will benefit from it,” Ryabkov said in a broadcast on the Rossiya 24 network.

Turkey rejects the entry of Helsinki and Stockholm into NATO, because these nations support the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK, banned as terrorist).

Turkey will not say “yes” to Finnish and Swedish NATO applications, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, adding that any attempt to persuade Ankara to change its attitude would be futile.

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