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DC Attorney General Karl Racine announced Monday that the District of Columbia has taken action against Ruby Corado, the founder of Casa Ruby, after they received information that she fled the country with funds from the nonprofit organization. profit.

“Today, my office is taking action to address Casa Ruby’s failure in its assigned critical mission of helping LGBTQ+ youth,” Racine said in statements to the press.

“Given our broad authority over District nonprofits, we seek to freeze Casa Ruby’s financial accounts and hold its leadership accountable,” he added.

On Tuesday it was learned that Corado is in El Salvador, from where on Wednesday, in statements for a television program, he claimed to be “free of guilt.” (See box)

Racine claimed that Corado failed to pay employees and owed vendors money. He also said that Corado fled the country after withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars from nonprofit funds.

The city’s justice system is also investigating potential mismanagement, poor oversight of programs and finances, and misuse of DC grants and donations, Racine explained.

Casa Ruby facilities closed citywide in July. Casa Ruby was a non-profit organization created by Corado, a transgender immigrant from El Salvador, with the goal of serving members of the trans community in DC.

However, after losing city funds and seeing donations dry up, Corado disappeared, according to early reports.

Mayor Muriel Bowser, when asked about the matter in July, said she was “saddened” by the closure of the non-profit organization, adding: “But I also know that when we give hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars and they are not pay the suppliers and not the employees, we have a problem”.

civil charges

Also Monday, the DC Attorney General’s Office filed an emergency motion in DC Superior Court alleging that Casa Ruby and its CEO Ruby Corado have violated the city’s Nonprofit Corporation Law in connection with their transactions. financial.

The court motion, among other things, requests that the court approve a temporary restraining order freezing all Casa Ruby bank accounts and PayPal accounts in which DC government funds and private donations have been deposited.

In addition, the motion states that the restraining order is necessary to prevent “defendant Ruby Corado from making withdrawals from any of those accounts, removing Corado’s authority to control any of those accounts, requiring Corado to keep funds already withdrawn from those accounts. accounts in the United States

Racine’s lawsuit contends that “Corado’s personal gain renders the organization unable to operate, including the inability to pay rent for transitional housing that is designated to provide assistance to vulnerable communities, and the inability to pay its members.” employees and suppliers for services rendered.

Corado told the press earlier this year that he had started a Ruby House in El Salvador last year with the full approval of the Ruby House board. However, the complaint and restraining order motion filed by the DC attorney general’s office say no documentation could be found showing that the board ever approved the creation of a Ruby House in El Salvador or that Corado could diverting tens of thousands of dollars from the Ruby House in DC to the El Salvador operation.

“Instead of fulfilling its important mission of providing transitional housing and support for LGBTQ+ youth, Casa Ruby diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars in District grants and charitable donations from their intended purpose,” Racine insisted.

Ruby Corado: “Here I am, he who does not owe it is not afraid of it”

From El Salvador, Ruby Corado -who achieved national and international recognition after advocating for years for the rights of transgender women in the United States and helping the most vulnerable LGBT+ community-, responded to the accusations made against her through a video .

Are you, on the run, hiding from the authorities in the United States?

Ruby Corado: “For a person to run away there has to be a reason. I made an announcement over a year ago that I was going to retire from Casa Ruby in 2022, when I finished 30 years of work. No, I’m not running away.

She claimed to have moved to El Salvador for a while to continue her fight in the Northern Triangle countries and “warn about the risks of illegally immigrating to the United States.”

Ruby Corado: “Unfortunately I was so open that I criticized the system. A system that cannot be criticized. Through that and the lawsuit I made, I have been punished. They began to create what I call a ‘financial bottleneck’. When you begin to limit the money that enters an organization, there are obviously going to be situations. Several District of Columbia contracts have failed to repay approximately half a million dollars. Any rumor that says that because I had money and did not pay the employees, it is precisely because the money was not there, had not arrived. And the people who say that’s why I’m running away, here I am. He who does not should not fear it. I did not spend any money to benefit myself personally.”

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