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The defense attorneys of the Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, began this Monday the exposition of the final argument in the trial that prosecutes her for her alleged involvement in the Road Case, where they will reiterate the lack of incriminating evidence.


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The hearing began at 08:00 (local time), and during his speech, defense attorney Carlos Alberto Beraldi assured that after “almost three years of hearing, it was shown that what was said back in 2016 lacked credibility, and that the evidence that is collected in a trial, when incorporated legitimately, destroys any type of accusation”.

The process will last throughout this day and that of Tuesday, while for next Friday, September 23, it is expected that the also head of the Senate will assume his own defense before the Federal Oral Court 2.

Cristina Fernández is accused of alleged irregularities during the concession of 51 public works to businessman Lázaro Báez in the province of Santa Cruz between 2003 and 2015, when both her husband Néstor Kirchner first, and she later, assumed their role as head of the Executive .

In response to the above, on August 22, prosecutor Diego Luciani demanded that the vice president of the South American country be sentenced to 12 years in prison, and the consequent perpetual disqualification from assuming public functions.

Upon learning of the decision, Fernández criticized the absence of evidence against him, and denounced the violations that were committed throughout the years that the process has lasted, for which he requested to expand his investigative statement.

The request was rejected by the court, so the vice president broadcast live from the Senate headquarters to detail how the process against her has been characterized by the links between Justice officials and former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) , as well as the role of some media outlets that constructed a judgment based on fiction.

Fernández also referred to the actions of extortion, espionage and persecution of union leaders by supporters of macrismo, and recalled that the years for which she is being prosecuted were the best in recent times for Argentina.

The former dignitary assured that she was not sorry for the success of her management at the head of the Executive, and expressed concern about the attempt by some sectors to discipline the political leadership so that similar leaders do not rise up with proposals for changes and improvements for society. Argentina.

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