FIFA Stadium Experience: The innovative tool for fans in Qatar | Videos

FIFA has enabled a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices in which you can check the results of the matches of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

In the “FIFA+” application you can also check the teams that made up this World Cup, the best moments of the games and the group stage standings; however, there is an innovative tool called “Stadium Experience”, with which the fans who attend the coliseums of Qatar will improve their experience in the matches.

“For those in Qatar, the innovative FIFA+ Stadium Experience will revolutionize the way fans enjoy the beautiful game.”

This function, highlights the official FIFA website, allows users to “experience the action (of a soccer game) like never before.” It is very easy to use the tool, you just have to go to a World Cup match in Qatar, open the application from your mobile, point horizontally towards the field of the stadium to enable a tab that will direct you to the corresponding section.

With the camera of your cell phone pointing towards the playing field, the application will scan it and immediately It will give you data on the players who jumped onto the pitch.

It will also display an augmented reality live stats overlay, heat maps, perspectives, different camera anglesVAR replays like on TV and much more.

The new viewing experience is specifically designed to complement and enhance the way those on the field celebrate and support, FIFA says.