Father accused teacher of taking his youngest son to a “drag show” without his permission; Texas Governor Demands Investigation


Sandratch Dawook, father of a family, filed his complaint.

Photo: HISD Board Meeting / Courtesy

HOUSTON – A parent claimed that a Houston Independent School District teacher took his youngest son to a drag show without his consent, and that the young man was sitting next to a registered sex offender during the event.

The complaint was filed by the father during a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Houston Independent School District this past June 9.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot learned of the complaintafter the father’s videotaped statements appeared on social networks, and has ordered that the father’s complaint be investigated.

Sandratch Dawook, father of a family, appeared before the board of directors to formalize his complaint of what, in his words, “was a bad experience”.

The father accused a Sam Houston High School teacher from the district of taking his son to a drag show. The father identified the teacher as Patrick Pichler, a chemistry teacher. It should be noted that Pichler is no longer an employee of the district and that the incident occurred in February 2019.

The accusation went even further when Dawook even accused the teacher of sitting his son next to a registered sex offender.

As the video of the complaint spread on Twitter, Abbott ordered the Texas Education Agency to investigate this particular case. The president expressed his disagreement on his Twitter account.

The district in a statement said it takes this father’s allegations seriously and will cooperate with the agency in its investigation.

Activists and civic groups pro-defense of the LGBTQ+ community see all this as an excuse with a political agenda to continue discriminating against their community. They ask for a thorough investigation since there is even a bill that would prohibit minors from attending this type of event in the future.

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