Facebook Censors Page of Iranian News Network HispanTV | News


The company Meta, owner of the digital network Facebook, eliminated this Tuesday the page on that website of the Iranian news network HispanTV, without offering explanations in this regard, the news agency itself denounced.


Palestinian journalists accuse Facebook of blocking their media

According to the HipanTV complaint, it is a “new attack against freedom of expression” and explains that Facebook has permanently canceled the HispanTV page with more than 1,400,000 followers, without prior notice.

The chain is currently using another alternative page: www.facebook.com/nexolatino, where it publishes its outstanding news and other content from the Iranian news channel, aimed at the Spanish-speaking public.

Previously, on October 18, the recently deleted page was blocked, although then temporarily, so that it could not be published or carried out other activities by its administrators and editors.

At that time, Facebook responded that it was due to sharing pornographic content, an “unfounded and even comical” accusation, denounced HispanTV, since it is a disclosure of this type of content, which is illegal according to the laws of the Republic itself. Islamic of Iran.

To contrast the same attacks against the freedom of expression of the Iranian media, HispanTV decided to simultaneously create other thematic accounts that continue to provide their content through the links: HispantvAsiaOccidental, Hispantv.BuenDiaAméricaLatin.

HispanTV has repeatedly been the target of media censorship by US technology multinationals, such as Google, Instagram and Facebook.

It also transpired that Facebook blocked Sputnik Arabic hours ago and took away the possibility of making new publications on this social network, which was denounced by the Russian chain.

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