F1 The end of an era Sebastian Vettel says goodbye

F1: The end of an era! Sebastian Vettel says goodbye to the top flight | Video

the german pilot Sebastian Vettel said goodbye to a historic career this Sunday after playing his last Grand Prix at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. The team driver aston martin leave a historical legacy for motorsport after becoming one of the most important figures of the highest category.

In conjunction with the Austrian team Red Bull, Vettel dominated Formula 1 from 2010 to 2013crowning in four consecutive seasons in one of the most impressive streaks in motorsport history.

The German, who took the baton of the Great Circus after the departure of the historic Michael SchumacherI raise four consecutive titles, won 53 races, posted 57 pole positions, and scored almost four thousand points in 298 Grands Prix disputed.

The 35-year-old German’s winning range also places him as third of the whole storyjust behind lewis hamiltonwith 103and of Schumacher with 91.

On Saturday, after qualifying in Abu Dhabi, the veteran invited the entire paddock to walk the circuit with him to commemorate his ‘last lap’ as a Formula 1 driver, an event where everyone wore Tshirts with the legend ‘Danke Seb’ or ‘Thank you Seb’while the pilot wore the same design but with the words ‘Danke F1’ or ‘Thank you F1’.

On Sunday, after finishing the race in tenth position, fans voted Vettel driver of the dayin addition to fire him with applausewhile Vettel was spinning for the last time aboard an F1 car.

After the race, Seb stated the next:

It’s great to know that we have the power to inspire them with what we do and say. I think there are much bigger important things than running but in circles but obviously it’s what we love and if through that we can share our values, I think that’s why the last few years have been great. Thank you for the support, the messages, the letters, the love […] It has been a true honor throughout my career. Thanks thanks.

Vettel He began his career with the team BMW Sauber in 2006 as a reserve pilot, to later be taken over by Toro Rosso for 2007 and 2008, where he got his first victory. But it was in 2009 where Seb began to leave a legacy, after he was transferred to the team Red Bullwhere he saw his best years behind a car.

in his debut with the austrians Vettel got his first runner-upbut little did the motorsport world know that this would only be the beginning for the German, who went on an impressive run of 2010 to 2013, being crowned the best driver in the world in four consecutive years.

Of 2015 to 2022the already consecrated rider arrived at the team Ferrariwith whom he got a pair of runners-up in 2017 and 2018, but together with whom he was not able to replicate the success obtained with the ‘Bulls’. In 2021Seb took the seat of Sergio Perez in Racing Point during the transition to Aston Martinwith whom he says goodbye to a successful career.

In addition to being a legend behind the wheel, Seb also became a favorite of motorsport fans for his charisma and constant presence talk about issues of international and social relevanceLike the rights of the LGBTQ community and the climate changein addition to being constantly active in his involvement with charities of different types.

norbert vettelfather of the legendary champion, dedicated to his son a emotional video recalling his career and confessing to his son proud of his career throughout the years.