Extreme heat spreads across the US and Europe; Sunak vs. Truss in UK | Front Pages of the World 07/21/2022


This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Thursday, July 21.

Europeans are told to cut gas use because of Russia risk

Extreme heat sweeps across US and Europe, Biden hints at climate action to come

Alarm in Europe over the political crisis in Italy

Draghi’s unity government blows up as the right wing denies its support. Concern about the third economy in the euro puts pressure on the ECB

Guardian / UK

“No friendly fire in the dogfight”, as Sunak and Truss face off

Conservatives fear damaging six-week battle between two rivals for leadership

With a concentration in the Pueyrredón Bridge and 50 other points throughout the country, the social movements demanded the creation of a Universal Basic Salary.

Castillo’s continuity is unsustainable

Former prosecutors agree: an investigation should be opened for personal cover-up

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