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The Fourth National Criminal Court of Peru sentenced this Wednesday 14 ex-police officers accused of qualified homicide for having formed a death squad and perpetrating extrajudicial executions of alleged criminals.


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The Court sentenced all those involved in these crimes to prison terms, whose victims were later presented as deceased during clashes with police officers.

According to the media, former police commander Raúl Prado, head of the criminal organization, was sentenced to 35 years in prison, as were Carlos Llanto and William Castaño, who were his lieutenants. Since they are fugitives from Justice, the court ordered their immediate capture and imprisonment.

Depending on their degree of responsibility in the murders, the other 11 defendants received sentences between six months and 26 years in prison.

Press reports expand that the extrajudicial executions occurred between 2012 and 2015 in the city of Piura, head of the homonymous region (northwest of Peru).

The ruling specifies that Prado, Llanto and Castaño "belonged to the criminal organization that recruited people prone to committing crimes to generate a false operation where people died, that is, they had a criminal purpose."

As was known in the hearings, they used a common criminal to summon criminals to a false meeting, but in reality they were ambushed and killed.

This person, named Eduardo Trujillo, was detained and was willing to collaborate with the investigation in exchange for a reduced sentence, but in July 2020 he was found dead in his cell, presumably murdered.

It was proven, for example, that using this route the group murdered Hugo Yajahuanca Tineo, Martín Alfredo Tello Monja, Gian Marco Fiestas Aquino and Raúl Rivas Rimaycuna on February 27, 2015, in a Piura urbanization known as Los Bancarios.

It is estimated that their fatalities exceeded 30. The convicted confessed that they perpetrated the murders to earn promotions or decorations.

In addition to the prison sentence, all must pay 400,000 soles (more than 106,000 dollars) for civil compensation to relatives of the victims.

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