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This May 7, the Argentine people commemorate the 103th anniversary of the birth of María Eva Duarte de Perón, or simply Evita, as she is remembered and known worldwide.


Argentine Peronists celebrate Militancy Day

Social movements and political groups have called for events to celebrate a new birthday of what was considered the spiritual leader of Argentina, for her work in defense of the most disadvantaged classes and workers of the South American country.

In her intense social work, Evita founded schools, hospitals, orphanages and helped reduce the social inequality inherited from conservative and military governments that benefited the country’s economic elites.

Evita’s legacy to the world

Her work in favor of the most needy has managed to pass on to generations of Argentines, who remember Evita’s social and political work.

With the construction of at least 12 hospitals throughout the country, through the Eva Perón Foundation, Evita managed to carry out a plan of medical treatment and free medicines for the popular and working classes.

She also brought education to the poorest sectors and provided financial aid through her foundation, breaking with the practice imposed for years by the Catholic Church and the privileged class, earning her hatred and rejecting her work from the sectors that previously supported her. .

Evita was able to promote in the Congress of her country, the desire of feminist groups on the vote for women.

On September 9, 1947, Congress passed Law No. 13,010, also known as “La Ley Evita”, which gave the right and enabled all women in Argentina to vote.

It also allowed them to compete for elected positions and their presence in Congress, rights that had been denied them for many years.

To date, Evita’s legacy is remembered and followed by millions of people in Argentina and the world for her work and fight for the most disadvantaged.

Evita died on July 26, 1952, at only 33 years of age as a result of uterine cancer.

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