Eugenio Derbez has already met Aislinn Derbez’s boyfriend and gives him a funny warning

last december Aislinn Derbez used his social networks to confirm his courtship with the photographer jonathan kubben, who has not only won the heart of the actress and even that of little Kailani, because recently Eugenio Derbez revealed that he already had the opportunity to live with him and he liked it wonderfully.

During an interview with Univision at the Mexico City airport, the Hollywood actor confirmed that he already knows his daughter Aislinn’s new heartthrob, assuring that he is very happy for her and for the new opportunity that is being given in love, qualifying relationship as “Wonderful“.

Of course, the representatives of the media could not help but question the actor about the impression he got from living with the travel influencer, to which he immediately assured that he seems like a good man for his daughter.

I liked him very much, he’s a good boy“He added without releasing more details, because he preferred to respect his daughter’s privacy.

Of course, Eugenio Derbez did not miss the moment to show his characteristic sense of humorWell, in addition to revealing that his new son-in-law was well received by the whole family, he ended up giving him a funny warning.

“We will be monitoring it very closely.”

Eugenio Derbez

These statements arise after Aislinn Derbez shared through the stories of her official Instagram account part of the family afternoon she spent with her boyfriend, as well as Eugenio Derbez and his two brothers, José Eduardo and Vadhir Derbez, during a match where the four showed off their talents on the court as she records the heated encounter and cheers them on.

Let us remember that it was last December 1 when Aislinn shouted from the rooftops that she is in love again.

Thank you Jonathan Kubben for the laughs, adventures, fun and love you have brought into my life.. Since I met you I was too surprised by your creativity, your intelligence, your so different way of living life through everything you do”, was part of the message that accompanied a photograph in which they appear embracing and smiling.

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