Eight clubs confirm their presence in the Táchira cycle tour | News

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Eight international teams have confirmed their presence until this Wednesday in the 57th edition of the cycle tour to Táchira, Venezuela, scheduled to take place between January 16 and 23, next.


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From its official account on the Twitter platform, the organizing committee of the category 2.2 tour within the International Cycling Union (UCI) circuit detailed that clubs from Italy, the Netherlands, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Guadeloupe will start.

The organizers detail that after the Venezuelan hosts, Colombia will have the second largest representation, after registering Idea Gobernación de Antioquia, Orgullo Paisa, Team Saavedra Arroz Gelvez, and Team Herrera Sport.

Meanwhile, the Italians will attend the continental cast Corratec, and the Drone Hopper Androni; The Netherlands will debut on the circuit with Global Cycling; The Dominican Republic will depend on Team Corractec America; and Guadalupe will compete with its national road cast.

That of Táchira, also known as the Great of America, will have eight stages that combine long routes on plains up to elevated journeys such as the height of Casa del Padre; and it will become the first round of the World Tour in America; after learning of the cancellation of the Tour to Argentine San Luis.

This time the traditional turn will not have the time trial scheduled for San Cristóbal, one of the determining segments in the fight for the title, and which reverses great interest among fans.

The host Roniel Campos, one of the club's leaders (Atlético Venezuela) will try to extend his consecutive reigns in this classic to three, after prevailing in the 2020 and 2021 editions, in the latter surpassing the Spanish Óscar Sevilla (Medellín); and the Colombian Daniel Osorio (Pride Paisa), his bodyguards in that order.

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