Ecuadorian Defense Minister submits his resignation | News


Ecuadorian Defense Minister Luis Hernández presented his letter of resignation to President Guillermo Lasso on Tuesday, without specifying the reasons for his resignation.


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Hernández, who replaced Fernando Donoso in that position on October 18, 2021, expressed in his letter that for six months he complied with the policies imposed by the Government at the head of that portfolio.

To which he added that he performed his functions “with dedication and along the path that I have believed is the correct one to lead the Armed Forces, at the service of the highest interests of the country.”

In this sense, his last act as acting minister consisted of witnessing in Guayaquil the burning of weapons seized in requisitions, consisting of more than 2,000 firearms, and as part of the actions aimed at reducing the levels of insecurity in the country.

Local media added that Luis Lara Jaramillo, former head of the Armed Forces, and who met on Tuesday with the Ecuadorian president, would be Hernández’s replacement.

Luis Hernández is an Army general in passive service, and who during his military career, among other actions, directed the Army’s operations in Alto Cenepa (1995).

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