ECLAC warns about the increase in extreme poverty in the

ECLAC warns about the increase in extreme poverty in the region | News

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal) warned this Thursday that by the end of 2022, poverty levels will reach 32.1 percent, while those of extreme poverty will reach 13.1 percent. in the region.


ECLAC Warns Consequences of Covid-19 in Latin America

In this sense, some 201 million people will be in poverty, while at least 82 million will live in extreme poverty.

Based on these predictions, the entity warned that “the projected levels of extreme poverty in 2022 represent a setback of a quarter of a century” for Latin America and the Caribbean.

In relation to 2021, general poverty shows a slight decrease since it reached the figure of 32.3 percent; meanwhile, the extreme shows a growth of 12.9 compared to the previous year.

ECLAC also reported that poverty in the region has affected the child population, adolescents and women aged 20 to 59 to a greater extent, as well as indigenous and Afro-descendant groups.

The executive secretary of Cepal, José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, said in a press conference that efforts and public policies linked to the educational offer, health, work, and social protection are required to counteract it.

Salazar-Xirinachs insisted on the need to create mechanisms to guarantee a level of well-being and income in uncertain times.

“The impacts of the pandemic on poverty and extreme poverty have not been reversed and the countries face a silent crisis in education, which affects the future of the new generations,” he stressed.

The official warned that the pandemic generated a prolonged social crisis, which resulted in a setback in social development indicators.