Does Luis Miguel owe the SAT? This AMLO said in the morning

Mexico.-Does Luis Miguel owe the SAT? This was what President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said on the morning of March 4.

When questioned about the debts of the governor of San Luis Potosí, AMLO brought up that previous governments persecuted artists to simulate that they were fighting tax evasion.

“Before, it was common to persecute or imprison a famous artist and pretend that evasion was being fought, but those above were not touched. An artist may have problems with the SAT, but he will never be the same as the big corporations that had the government kidnapped and did not pay taxes. It was always spectacular and that is how they wanted to give us atole with their finger”


In that sense, he recalled the names of artists in a situation of tax debts such as Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel and Belinda.

“It is not Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel and Belinda. And the spectacular or what Carlos Salinas did to put a union leader or a banker in jail. He was the one who promoted the most corruption and the trafficking of national goods. Enough with that manipulation.”


AMLO also pointed out that progress has been made so that there are no fiscal privileges in his government.

On the same subject, AMLO said that all citizens should pay their taxes and that now in his government there are no remissions of these to large corporations.

Belinda does have a trial at the SAT: AMLO

Even reminding other artists that they owe taxes, AMLO said that the singer Belinda does have a trial in the SAT.

“About two days ago, the thing about a singer, Belinda, also came out, she has a trial at the SAT and she is defending it, but we are not going to leave about Belinda”


Returning to the subject of the governor of San Luis Potosí, he asked the reporter who questioned him on the subject to bring him the report on the debts of that governor, so that they can make it known together.

the ruled Ricardo Gallardo Cardona should 12 million 300 thousand pesos of taxes on income, fines and surcharges to the tax administration service.

How much money did Luis Miguel owe to the SAT?

When remembering celebrities like Luis Miguel for AMLO, there is surely the question of how much money Luis Miguel owed to the SAT.

The money that Luis Miguel owed to the SAT was almost 20 million dollars for arrears of three years At the end of the 1980s, this debt was generated by Luis Miguel’s father, “Luisito Rey”, who found a way to divert resources to the Treasury.

When Luis Miguel was able to become immaculate, he realized his father’s SAT debts between 1988 and 1989so he had to work to be able to pay them.

Of these 20 million dollars, his father only paid 10 million dollarsthe rest was liquidated by his friend, businessman Jaime Camil Garza.


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