Disney Plus announced that it surpassed 137.7 million subscribers worldwide


Disney + has more than 137.7 million users worldwide

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Disney Plus revealed that its streaming service surpassed 137.7 million users worldwide. The figure was presented by Disney as part of the publication of the financial results corresponding to Q2 of 2022.

The data published by the company shows that they have been able to maintain the rate of growth they have been experiencing up to now by adding some 7.9 million new subscribers to their client portfolio.

According to these figures, Disney has not suffered a situation similar to that experienced by other large streaming companies such as Netflix, which reported that during the first four months of 2022 it lost some 200,000 subscribers.

However, not everything is good news for Disney because the company projects that

your number of subscribers could decline over the next few months. A revealing fact contained in the report is that the company was forced to pay $1 billion for early termination of license agreements.

Although they do not provide details in this regard, it is speculated that this disbursement was related to the decision to remove all Marvel content from other platformsmainly Netflix.

Ad-supported plans

Disney wants to continue gaining ground in the streaming segment and an example of this is that announced that it will offer a new plan at a reduced price which will include advertising.

This decision comes a short time after Netflix announced its own, indicating that it is part of its new strategy to attract new users with which to expand its client portfolio.

According to information that has emerged Disney Plus plans include incorporating the new plan by the end of 2022 in the US market and then extend the offer to the rest of the world during the course of 2023.

Added to this are also the rumors that Disney plans to try to increase its customer base using as an attraction the ability to enjoy sports content from ESPN, another of the brands of which it owns.

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