Destroyed the 700 graves of the anti-fascist cemetery in Mostar


The 700 graves of anti-fascist fighters who fell during World War II in the cemetery of the Bosnian city of Mostar have been damaged and desecrated, regional broadcaster N1 reported on Wednesday.

According to that medium, the damage caused last night makes it impossible to identify those buried in that cemetery in southern Bosnia-Herzegovina. “It is no longer possible to read any of the names of the deceased, as the inscriptions have been broken by vandals,” N1 noted.

“What has happened tonight has crossed the red line. Since last night nothing in this city will be the same,” declared the Mostar Uabnor Union of Anti-Fascists, expressing their outrage.

This and other similar organizations accuse the Bosnian-Croat authorities in Mostar and the region of having turned a deaf ear to all their previous calls for action to be taken against acts of vandalism in the anti-fascist cemetery.

Uabnor has directly accused Bosnian-Croat leader Dragan Covic, president of the nationalist HDZ BiH party, as well as his co-religionist and the city’s mayor, Mario Kordic, of “neo-nazism” in Mostar.

The NGOs assure that Kordic has not reacted to their repeated requests to protect the cemetery from vandals, after several attacks and desecrations that have not been clarified so far, nor has anyone been held responsible for them.

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