Decree that excluded Brazilians from the Environmental Fund is annulled | News


The Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil decided this Friday to annul decrees issued by President Jair Bolsonaro in which he determined the non-participation of civil society in the deliberative council of the National Environment Fund.


Brazil leads again deforestation of primary forests

Said body determined the reestablishment of the composition of the deliberative council of the National Environmental Fund (FNMA), the National Council of the Legal Amazon and the Guiding Committee of the Amazon Fund.

With a majority of votes, three presidential decrees that modified the composition of these bodies were declared unconstitutional. “The collegiate concluded that the changes promoted by the regulations challenge the principle of prohibition of institutional setbacks in environmental matters and the participation of civil society in the formulation of environmental public policies,” the STF indicated.

“I believe that the elimination of civil society from the entities that make up the National Environmental Fund shows a centralization that would be undemocratic, that delegitimizes the actions of the State, in violation of the principles of popular participation,” said the current president of the STF , Carmen Lúcia Antunes Rocha.

“We have been following a dismantling of environmental policy and, with each passing day, we see a worsening of deforestation in the Amazon and in other biomes. The Supreme Court plays an important role in mitigating the effects of the crisis”, Rafael Giovanelli, a specialist in Public Policy from the non-governmental organization WWF, stated.

Brazil has been the center of deforestation in the Amazon in recent years. This Friday, the country again topped the list of the largest loss of primary forests, where more than 40 percent of the loss of tropical primary forests in 2021 occurred in the country, representing a total of 1.5 million hectares.

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