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During more than half a century, Cuban boxing focused exclusively on contending for medals at the Olympic Games where they have been dominant. However, from this Fridaywill start the return to the professional world.

Friday night, six boxers from the caribbean island will enter professionalism within a function in the city of Aguascalientes, where they will face local fighters. With this confrontation Cuban boxing will officially return to the big bags.

Osvaldo Caballero, Arlen López, Julio César la Cruz, Rionel Iglesis, Feliciano Hernández and Lázaro Álvarez are the six fighters who will enter the ring to make history from the Palenque Fair.

Of these six, four are former Olympic medalists, so we will see highly acclaimed boxers debut but who had stuck to the amateur rank. Gerardo Saldivar, director of Golden Ring Promotions, who organizes the fights, mentioned the following for Associated Press:

We are going to witness a historical fact. I do not remember a debut of four Olympic medalists in one night.

The cross, five times world champion, Iglesias and Lopez are two-time Olympic champions, while Hernandez was crowned world monarch, and Gentleman took the glory in Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Let’s remember that Cuba he had kept his boxers as amateurs and reserving them for Olympic boxing from 1962when by official decree abolished professional sports on the island.

This return allows them to take them to achieve their best sports form, they have already achieved their Olympic medals and now it is a motivation to extract that economic benefit. […] It will also allow them to continue developing their figures because they want to continue being a power in the Olympics and World Cups.

Regarding the function, Cuban Boxing Federation released the breakdown of the fight bag, with 80% going straight to boxer, fifteen% to the trainer Y 5% is shared between Federation medical team.

The “Tamers of Cuba” It is how the group of boxers has called itself in the long-awaited return to the professional ranks. Under this name, the Cuban team also appeared at the World Series of Boxingsemi-professional circuit, between 2014 and 2018, where in three out of five occasions some of the cuban stars was crowned and in the other two he was runner-up.

Although the World Boxing Council (WBC) will not be an organizer of the event on Friday, yes you will have participationsince the body based in Mexico City, the referees will provide for dispute.

It should be remembered that this will not be the first time that Aguascalientes open the doors to Cuban boxing, since in 2021 they received the Cuban Olympic Team on a night of exhibition which opened the door to this year’s event. Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the WBC commented the next:

In Mexico everything was opened with a historic performance in Aguascalientes last year, prior to the Olympics. Now, once again, we are going to support in all that we can so that Cuban boxing has the place it deserves in the world.

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