Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to his detractors before his

Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to his detractors before his debut in the World Cup: “If I still have to prove it at 37, I would worry”

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke this Monday at a press conference after being in the focus of the Portugal team and under the gaze after his statements against Manchester United. The Portuguese said that he knows that he does not have to prove anything at 37 and that his relationship with the other players is perfect.

“If I still have to prove at 37 years and 8 months, I would worry, after what I have done and I have won. Of course I have to show what I am year after year”, said the attacker, already overcome the digestive condition that separated him from the last friendly against Nigeria.

The Portuguese stressed that the team and the others know that they do not have to talk about him, and that the team is concentrated for the first match against Ghana in the group stage of Group H.

“All the players, all the staff, all the dressing room, know me and they know how I am and how I think. They have known me since I was 11 years old. They will not be influenced by what they say or write,” warned the attacker, who explained the gesture with Bruno Fernandes that covered all television and social networks at the beginning of the concentration.

“My relationship with him is excellent,” he said. And she explained the scene: “His plane was late and I asked him if he had come by boat. The atmosphere of the selection is very good. There is no problem. The group is armored, ”she remarked.

CR7 also took the opportunity to detail that although the World Cup is his illusion, it is not something that is missing from his record, although he knows that only one team will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“It would be magical to win the World Cup, but I lack nothing in my life. I have already won much more than I expected. Winning would be a dream, but only one selection can win. We all have that ambition, but let’s take it easy. I’m ambitious. I want to win the World Cup. But even if they tell me that I am not going to win more titles until the end of my career, I would be happy. I have to be proud of myself, of everything I have done, ”said the attacker, who assured that he“ would sign ”to be champion“ without a goal ”from him.

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