Confirmed death of journalist Francisca Sandoval in Chile | News


The community television channel Señal 3 de La Victoria, where Francisca Sandoval worked as a reporter, confirmed his death on Thursday, after being shot while covering the May Day demonstrations in the Meiggs neighborhood, in Santiago de Chile (capital ).


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Local media reported that after the news was known, several students from journalism schools began to meet in Plaza Baquedano, popularly known as Plaza Dignidad after the social outbreak of 2019.

After lamenting the death of her partner, Señal 3 de La Victoria called a wake to remember the memory of the journalist, demand justice for her death, as well as to accompany family and friends.

During the morning, when the news of the death was known, the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, lamented what had happened and pointed out that the facts showed the need for “greater order”.

Her statements were not well received by public opinion, because precisely since the social outbreak of 2019, a reform of the Carabineros is expected, which, after the murder of the young reporter, regained validity when community press videos were broadcast in which it was possible to observe the police cars escorting the gunmen who shot Sandoval and two other popular reporters.

For his part, Chilean President Gabriel Boric Font left a message of condolences to the reporter’s family and friends, and reaffirmed his commitment to justice.

“Violence harms democracy and irreparably damages families. Our commitment is to security and justice, and we will not rest in that desire. My condolences and hugs to the family of Francisca Sandoval, innocent victim of criminals. We will not allow impunity,” the president wrote on the social network Twitter.

After being shot in the head while covering the clashes that took place on May 1 in the Meiggs neighborhood, Sandoval was transferred to the Public Assistance Emergency Hospital, a former Central Posta in an extremely serious condition, to die after 12 days of agony.

His body is already in the Legal Medical Service while his funeral is expected to be private. The young reporter was only 30 years old and she leaves behind a little daughter.

The wake in his memory could not take place in Plaza Dignidad due to the massive presence of water spray cars that suffocated the activity.

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