“Compromises and complicities” in the audiogate: Monreal

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Francisco Garfias.

Alejandro Gertz Manero will be called to appear in the Senate after March 14, once the SCJN resolves the merits of the lawsuit that the Attorney General brings with his in-laws. Morena's group, majority in the Upper House, agrees that he go to the Upper House to explain what is already known as the Audio gate.

They are not going to present it to the plenary. The appearance will be before the Political Coordination Board and the Justice Commission, said Ricardo Monreal, head of Morena's caucus in the Senate. He already spoke with the Prosecutor. "I feel willing, kind, very careful in his expressions and obviously he has his explanations that he will give them to Jucopo," he said.

– How is the Supreme Court after the president himself stated yesterday that he does not trust some ministers? How is it left after the leaked conversation between Gertz and his right-hand man in which the Prosecutor presumes to have tied the vote of two or three ministers; He says that Minister Pérez Dayán's presentation "puts the cake" so that Alejandra Cuevas, daughter of the ex-partner of her brother Federico, is released in jail since 2020, on charges of homicide by omission? We asked the Morena coordinator.

I have confidence in the ministers. I couldn't disqualify them in any way. I know almost all of them. They have full autonomy, they are scrupulous in observing the Law. I don't know which ones you are referring to. What I can say is that the National Justice System requires a comprehensive review. Not only in federal justice. more attention is required in local justice, where autonomy and independence of course do not exist.

“At the federal level, this event does put Mexican justice at risk. The compromises, the complicities, that although we do not ignore them, we believed that we were overcoming this stage. It is part of what we have to face as a Legislative Power”, he pointed out.

*** AMLO has already found someone to blame for espionage on Gertz: an “opposition group” – just like that – that paid millions of dollars to buy devices that steal the memory of cell phones. "It may not be true, but they are capable of anything to get information," she admitted in the morning.

By the way, among senators it is made short that the president no longer wants Gertz in the Prosecutor's Office. He wants it out, but on his terms and when he says so. If he removes it now, it would be interpreted as the interests of the conservatives knocking him down. If he throws it out when he decides, it's a move. For now he has no one to replace him with. "He would have liked Arturo Zaldívar, but he devalued himself," a senator told us.


The former PRI governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, was proposed as Mexican ambassador to Spain on September 11, 2021. It took almost six months for the Senate of the Republic to confirm his appointment by 70 votes in favor, 20 against and 12 abstentions. In that time many things happened. AMLO even went so far as to declare bilateral relations “on pause”, after accusing companies from that country of being in collusion with previous governments to plunder the wealth of our country. His delirium reached such an extreme – I can't find another expression – that he demanded an apology from the King of Spain for the excesses of the Conquest 500 years ago.

The appointment had political consequences. The PRI expelled Quirino from its ranks. He considers him a "traitor". But not all the tricolor senators voted against it. Only five did. Another five left due to abstention. Two more did not vote.

No PRI went up to the rostrum to take possession of the parliamentary group. At the end of the voting, coordinator Osorio came out to explain this silence to the press in the session hall. “We brought difference in our group. There were even those who wanted to vote in favor. That is why we decided to go out and express ourselves in a joint, cohesive way. That's why I'm going out to the media to tell them that the group is still together,” he said. He specified that the majority, in his group, does not agree that those who did not deliver electoral results should be rewarded.


Emilio Álvarez Icaza, senator of the Plural Group, described López Obrador's decision to send his wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, without any institutional representation, to Gabriel Boric's inauguration as president of Chile as "nonsense".

SRE spokesmen have already reviewed him. “On the contrary – they say – it is a deference that the president makes when sending someone from his family. There is a lot of optimism about the future of relations with the future government of Chile. We share the values ​​that we uphold”, they said.


The charge “Componends and complicities” in the audiogate: Monreal appeared first in El Arsenal.

The charge “Componends and complicities” in the audiogate: Monreal appeared first in El Arsenal.

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