Commander of the Mexican Investigation Agency is assassinated | News


The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) of the Mexican state of Chihuahua confirmed on Monday the murder of the commander of Tactical Operations of the State Investigation Agency (AEI), Ezequiel Emmanuel Ortiz Fierro and his life partner María Vianney Galván Sandoval.


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This event occurred at 06:40 (local time) on Cananea and Isla Cedros streets, in the Ciudad Juárez border neighborhood, according to information from the fiscal entity, an institution that detailed that another woman was injured during the attack.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the event occurred when Ezequiel Ortiz, his partner and the other person who accompanied them boarded their vehicle, where they received several bullet wounds, which caused the tactical operations commander to die at the scene.

The commander’s companion responded to the name of María Vianney Galván Sandoval, who despite being transferred to a care center died due to the severity of her injuries. The Northern District Prosecutor’s Office and the State Investigation Agency reported that an operation was deployed to find those responsible, capturing three allegedly involved.

Likewise, another armed attack on a highway in the state of Chihuahua left five dead last Friday, including two ministerial police officers and a delegate from the National Migration Institute (INM).

Among those killed are the first commander of the State Agency for Investigation in the Northwest Zone, Alejandro Domínguez Cabriales; the INM delegate at the Janos station, Lorenzo Gabriel Pico Escobar; and officer Gil Manuel Malo Solano.

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