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Colombia's presidential candidates in a televised debate on Tuesday unveiled their proposals to combat drug trafficking, corruption and their strategies to reduce armed confrontations between irregular groups that have triggered massacres and forced displacement.


An indigenous leader is assassinated in the department of Cauca, Colombia

Pre-candidates Gustavo Petro, Camilo Romero, Federico Gutiérrez, Sergio Fajardo, Francia Márquez, Juan Manuel Galán, Rodolfo Hernández, Óscar Iván Zuluga, Ingrid Betancourt and Alejandro Gaviria attended the meeting, which was organized by two national media outlets.

The issue of national security and strategies to dialogue with the insurgencies was one of the hottest, both Camilo Romero and Petro agreed on the need to create scenarios to end violence in the territories and, in turn, deepen democracy.

"We cannot continue killing each other," said Gaviria, who, like Zuluaga, did not detail the importance of the comprehensive implementation of the Peace Agreements signed in 2016 between the State and the former FARC-EP.

Facing the issue of corruption that intensified during the Government of Iván Duque was touched on in the debate, Gutiérrez launched accusations against pre-candidates but without saying names, "here there are many accused of corruption and those who have more processes of corruption, serious crimes, They are the ones who talk the most about the fight against corruption," he said.

Likewise, Francia Márquez asserted that the political class that runs the country is distinguished by corruption and that has intensified social problems, "talking about corruption implies assuming to close the gaps of inequity and inequality in which people live," he added.

In agreement with Márquez, Petro explained that the greatest example of corruption is when the majority of parliamentarians approve tax reforms that benefit the rich and harm the workers, an action evidenced in the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rodolfo Hernández, who served as mayor of Bucaramanga, pointed out that tax reforms should be focused on ending corruption, "the best tax reform is to get all the thieves out of the government," he added.

"Before talking about more tax reforms, Colombia must confront the criminal structures and mafias of drug trafficking, smuggling, land dispossession, criminal mining and public procurement," Galán categorized, who had the support, on the subject, of the pre-candidate Betancourt.

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