Colombian court supports complaints by ex-combatants | News


On Thursday, the Colombian Constitutional Court upheld the tutelas filed by former FARC-EP combatants, who allege a lack of security guarantees by the State.


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The Colombian court declared the State of affairs unconstitutional regarding the implementation of the Peace Agreement with the extinct armed group.

The unconstitutional state of affairs represents a massive violation of rights and a humanitarian crisis, due to the lack of security for ex-combatants in the process of reincorporating into civilian life.

The court’s ruling realizes that orders must be adopted aimed at guaranteeing the execution of protection and security programs for ex-combatants, members of the Comunes party and their families and leaders.

Upon learning of the decision, Julián Gallo, senator for the Partido Comunes, pointed out that the Court’s ruling is not only an endorsement of the complaints that have been made, but also exposes the government’s double standards regarding the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

According to the Observatory of Human Rights and Conflicts of the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace, 48 former FARC-EP combatants reintegrated into civilian life were killed in 2021.

But they add up to 299 ex-combatants of the extinct FARC-EP assassinated, since the signing of the Agreement, in September 2016, until January of this year.

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