Colombia registers the 2022 pre-electoral period as the most violent | News


The Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) of Colombia reported this Friday that with 581 violent acts against political, social and community leaders, the pre-election period of the 2021-2022 legislative elections represents the most violent of the last 12 years in the nation.


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In this sense, the entity specified that in relation to the pre-election period of 2018, the aggressions against the leaderships rose by 109 percent; thus, the figures indicate that the rates of violence have been growing since the 2019 elections.

“This increase in violence against leaders and leaders is also framed in a context of reconfiguration of the conflict, characterized by a consolidation of multiple illegal armed groups, benefiting from the inability of the State to occupy the territories,” said the director of the EOM, Alexandra Barrios.

Accordingly, the executive specified that in relation to the period from 2020 to 2021, for the pre-electoral stage of 2022, the actions of armed gangs increased by 19 percent, reporting 59 criminal operations.

Thus, for example, eight terrorist acts were recorded, the blockade of 11 highways, 10 vehicles burned, the closure of 23 transport terminals, the murder of a social leader and acts of intimidation.

According to the institute, during the pre-election period of 2022, the armed strike of the National Liberation Army took place in 12 departments of the country

According to the executive, Alejandra Barrios, “this context demonstrates the need for the government to adopt measures and security schemes that respond to the logic of collective protection and that take into account the ethnic and territorial characteristics of its beneficiaries.”

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