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Francisco Garfias.

I dare to predict that once again President López Obrador will get his way. If my sources do not fail me, the Armed Forces will remain in public security tasks until 2028.

There are indications that the leader of the majority in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, already has tied the votes of two thirds of the senators (qualified majority) to modify the Fifth Transitory of the Constitution.

That article forces the Army and the Navy to return to their barracks and bases in March 2024.

It is true that the senators of the Containment Bloc that make up the United Commissions on Constitutional Points and Second Legislative Studies considered the “progress” in the new opinion insufficient and – except for the PRI member Silvana Beltrones – voted against it.

The voting in committees was 19 votes in favor, ten against and one abstention.

Some, like the senator of the Plural Group, Germán Martínez, even said that in the military, “López Obrador is closer to Bolsonaro than to Petro; he is more Bolsonaro than Bolsonaro…”

Already in the race, Germán was not afraid of the words: “I want to see the sons of the chingada delinquents defeated. I want to see the Army victorious. But I want a Mexico in civil peace, not a Mexico in military peace.”

I have information, from a good source, that the votes to approve the modification have already been reached. I don’t take it for granted because with legislators and politicians you never know.

But the rush that the majority senators had last night to vote for her seems to corroborate that they already have a qualified majority. Otherwise, it would be discarded, and it could not be presented until the following period. AMLO, in any case, has already announced a consultation on the subject which is not a query.

By the way, yesterday the head of the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, walked through the Senate. From seeing Monreal so much they are going to make friends. Was that anything else?


The modifications to the 5th transitory of the Constitution, announced by the senator from Morena, Lucy Meza, have to do with greater control by Congress over public security tasks. The creation of a Bicameral Commission “with teeth” is proposed.

The opinion, which is being lowered to the plenary today, says that the Executive will present a semi-annual report on the performance of the Armed Forces; and that the secretaries of Defense, Navy, Security and Citizen Protection would be obliged to appear periodically on the performance of security tasks.

Controversial point is that of the resources for training, development, modernization and strengthening of municipal and state police.

The doubt of the opponents originates from the fact that the new opinion proposes these resources, but until 2024. Why not in 2023? All the members of the Opposition Bloc wondered, rightly so. “It’s a simulation,” they agreed.

The minutes would return modified to San Lázaro, where an incipient movement of PRI deputies – around six – who would vote against the guidelines of the party leadership, is taking shape.

In commissions, the MC senator, Noe Castañón, read an ambitious proposal for the name of the Containment Block, which was rejected from the beginning.


#Honestytoresults is the hashtags that the head of government of CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum, uploaded to twitter, announcing that, according to article 32 of the local Constitution, yesterday the dissemination of her 4th Government Report began.

The Report is not exempt from other data. One of them is that since she arrived at the City Hall, in December 2018, high-impact crimes have been reduced by 54 percent.

The first of the many reports that he will give throughout the week – on Friday he will do so before the Local Congress – was held in the National Auditorium, no less. A barely worthy venue for someone who was already seen in the National Palace in 2024.

The event had a touch of plurality, attended by the governors of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, PRI; Nuevo León, Samuel García, MC, and Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, PRI.

Morena’s “corcholatas” for CDMX also attended: Rosa Icela Rodríguez, Martí Batres, Omar García Harfuch. The legal adviser of the CDMX government, Nestor Vargas Solano, was there.

Outside of that everything was. It is an honor to be with Obrador! Chairwoman! Chairwoman! And #EsClaudia.


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